Platinum Vision Award
最上町(山形県) 富山市(富山県) 珠洲市(石川県) 豊岡市(兵庫県) 海士町(島根県) 上勝町(徳島県) 徳島県 香川県 雲南市(島根県) 柏市(千葉県) 東松島市(宮城県) 北九州市(福岡県) 豊田市(愛知県) 下市町(奈良県) 埼玉県 流山市(千葉県) 横浜市(神奈川県) ニセコ町(北海道) 熊本県 荒川区(東京都) 川崎市(神奈川県) 高知市(高知県) ヤマトホールディングス株式会社 自治医科大学 東日本旅客鉄道株式会社 東京急行電鉄株式会社 積水ハウス株式会社 株式会社イトーキ


Award recipients 3rd

> Suzu City (Ishikawa Prefecture)
Grand Prize / Internal Affairs and Communications Minister’s Award

Innovation in a depopulated area at the tip of the Noto Peninsula
Changing depopulated areas with genuine university cooperation

> Sekisui House,Ltd. Grand Prize / Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Award

Building a town where people live happily thanks to our "Five Trees" landscape design philosophy

> Niseko Town Award for Excellence

Town enhancement scheme through greater autonomy in which citizens devise and implement ideas

> Toyooka City (Hyogo Prefecture) Award for Excellence

Toyooka City’s challenge—Pushing to become a local and global city

> Kumamoto Prefecture Award for Excellence

Leading the way in Japan and Asia in the fight against dementia

> Arakawa City Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Making our city more livable for children: Protecting children's futures and efforts to eliminate poverty and social exclusion among Arakawa City's children

> ITOKI CORPORATION Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Workcise: Developing healthy minds and bodies while working

> Kawasaki City/Yokohama City (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Judging Committee’s Special Prize

An accord between Yokohama City and Kawasaki City to cooperate on countermeasures aimed at reducing the number of children on nursery-placement waiting lists

> Kagawa Prefecture Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Kagawa’s “Satoumi” creation

> Kochi City (Kochi Prefecture) Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Kochi Children’s Fund
Supporting kids with an “I’d-like-to-try-that!” attitude

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Award recipients 2nd

> Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.
Grand Prize / Internal Affairs and Communications Minister’s Award

“Magokoro Takkyubin” (Best-wishes parcel delivery service), a ‘creating shared value’ concept that is tailored to each region’s needs

> Kitakyushu City (Fukuoka Prefecture)
Grand Prize / Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Award

Creating “green cities” of Asia through inter-city cooperation

> Jichi Medical University Award for Excellence

Building prosperous and flourishing communities, based on safety and security originating in Amakusa—a smart, health-care city

> Toyota City (Aichi Prefecture) Award for Excellence

Aiming to become a city that supports the senior generation in becoming active contributors to society through “independence and connections”
A municipal government model that will become a future standard

> Shimoichi Town (Nara Prefecture) Award for Excellence

Enjoy an extra 10 years of energy through “Raku-raku (easy) farming”
Men and women from across the working generations gather happily in Shimoichi Town

> Saitama Prefecture Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Fostering globally minded human resources that can shine throughout the world

> Nagareyama City (Chiba Prefecture) Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Genuine core-competence management in Nagareyama City
The challenge inherent in managing public facilities

> East Japan Railway Company Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Cotonior Kichijoji: Boosting exchanges between children and elderly generations

> Yokohama City (Kanagawa Prefecture) / Tokyu Corporation
Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Next-generation suburban town building
Creating a model for the rejuvenation of suburban residential districts

> Kagawa Prefecture Judging Committee’s Special Prize

Kagawa Prefecture: Leading the world in rare sugar

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Award recipients 1st

> Ama Town (Shimane Prefecture)
Grand Prize/Internal Affairs and Communications Minister’s Award

Making schools more attractive and making the island sustainable
The ongoing challenge to imbue Dozen High School with special attraction

> Kamikatu Town Award for Excellence

A sanitation system inspired by Kamikatsu's "zero waste" policy

> Toyama City Award for Excellence

Creating Toyama City-style urban management based on a compact-city strategy
Aiming at the creation of a sustainable, value-added town full of social capital

> Tokushima Prefecture Award for Excellence

Tokushima Satellite Office Project
A new strategy for regional revitalization

> Kagawa Prefecture Special Prize

Promoting home-based remote medical care with Kagawa Remote Medical Care Network [K-MIX]

> Unnan City Special Prize

Special Prize (1st)

> Kashiwa City Special Prize

Making Kashiwa a city where people live long, healthy lives

> Higashimatsushima City (Miyagi Prefecture) Platinum Innovation Prize

Higashimatsushima-style recycling of earthquake-generated garbage (Higashimatsushima City’s method for disposing of earthquake-related debris)

> Mogami Town (Yamagata Prefecture) Platinum Innovation Prize

Sustainable Town Mogami
Using wood-based biomass energy to rejuvenate local industries

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