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Japanese society faces a myriad of challenges as it grays at an unprecedented pace—a situation aggravated by the nation's low birthrate.

Many of Japan's regional communities are edging toward "extinction" due to rapid depopulation. Furthermore, Japan—the world's fifth-largest greenhouse gas emitter—is confronted by daunting tasks in its fight against global warming.

Experiencing these problems ahead of most other nations, however, will provide Japan with a prime opportunity to revitalize itself and spur much-needed growth. If it can overcome these challenges, we believe Japan will be blessed with new demand for its technologies and services that will propel new economic activities.

Solving these pressing issues will require a change of mind-set. We should nurture the notion that surmounting challenges such as global warming and an aging society—with the power of local communities working to improve the lives of their residents—will give rise to new demand and industries, boosting economic activity further. This mind-set holds the key to establishing a sustainable society.

This belief inspired us to create the Platinum Society Network in August 2010. The network aims to facilitate regional movements and orchestrate efforts to create eco-friendly, comfortable communities across Japan.

What is a Platinum Society?

Developing nations generally regard advanced nations as a model they should emulate. Developed nations, on the other hand, must carve out their own future path. Japan no longer needs an overseas model on which to base its advancement and, therefore, must decide what kind of society it should create for its people.

We have developed a concept of the society we think Japan should aspire to establish. We call it a "Platinum Society." This is a dignified society that cares deeply for the environment; can comfortably secure resources it needs; can be participated in by men and women, young and old; provides spiritual fulfillment and material wealth; and offers fair employment opportunities. Through frequent discussions, our vision of a Platinum Society will keep evolving, as each community develops its own characteristics shaped by its historical background and geopolitical conditions.

It is impossible to foresee what will happen in the future. But one certainty is that we must take action to make a Platinum Society a reality.

Platinum Concept

Our "Platinum Concept" is an idea in which people collaborate toward the creation a Platinum Society. To make this concept a reality, the network must have structured goals and activities; share structured knowledge; and create a network of people who share this knowledge and are determined to move the network forward. The Platinum Society Network orchestrates these essential activities.

Hiroshi Komiyama

Hiroshi Komiyama

Chairman of Platinum Society Network
Chairman of Mitsubishi Research Institute
28th President of the University of Tokyo
Chairman of the University of Tokyo's Executive Management Program (EMP)
B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from the University of
Tokyo (Post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Davis, in 1973-74)

Platinum Society Network

Platinum Society Network is a nationwide organization aimed at creating what we call the Platinum Society, a dignified society that is as admired and treasured as platinum. Such a society cares deeply for the environment; is able to comfortably secure resources it needs; can be participated in by men and women, young and old; provides spiritual fulfillment and material wealth; and offers fair employment opportunities. The network proposes policy solutions to the political and industrial sectors as well as to citizens so they will be encouraged to act. Establishing a more sophisticated, comfortable society by bringing Japanese intelligence and wisdom together is another mission of the network.

The organization will create economies of scale and new values in such fields as knowledge/information, manufacturing/craftsmanship and distribution by forming a network of municipal governments, universities, research institutions, private enterprises and cities overseas. Each of these entities has thus far carried out projects like this singlehandedly.


Platinum Vision Award

The Platinum Network Society presents awards to entities that have solved regional challenges through the creation of a new industry or other ingenious measures. We believe sharing their endeavors with a wider audience will help us create a Platinum Society. We also certify any local government that wins this award as a Platinum City.

Award recipients

◆3rd (2015)

Grand Prize from the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister

Suzu City (Ishikawa Prefecture) "Innovation in a depopulated area at the tip of the Noto Peninsula"

Grand Prize from the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister

Sekisui House, Ltd. "Building a lively community where residents can live happily through our 'five trees' landscaping concept that preserves biodiversity"

◆2nd (2014)

Grand Prize from the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. "'Magokoro Takkyubin' (Best-wishes parcel delivery service): a 'creating shared value' concept that is tailored to each region's needs"

Grand Prize from the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister

Kita-Kyushu City (Fukuoka Prefecture) "Creation of an Asian green city through collaboration among cities"

◆1st (2013)

Grand Prize from the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister

Ama Town (Shimane Prefecture) "Making schools more attractive and making the island sustainable"

List of Projects


Local governments and companies make presentations to explain how they can help to build a Platinum Society.

◎9th symposium│February 19, 2016, at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo

"Regional revitalization: Corporations' approaches and challenges"

◎8th symposium│February 3, 2015, at Nikkei Hall in Tokyo

"Regional revitalization: Ensuring diversity by realizing a Platinum Society"

◎7th symposium│January 27, 2014, at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo

"'Platinum solution' for changing society—The challenge of realizing a Platinum Society"

Discussion meetings

Our members have brainstorming sessions to generate ideas and initiate new undertakings.

Overseas lecture sessions

October 26-30, 2015, at Clark College, Portland State University and other locations.

Human resource development

The Platinum Society Network offers opportunities for human resource development and network formation by sponsoring short-term schools. They include "Platinum Society School" for local government employees, "Platinum Development of Future Human Assets @ Aizu" and "Platinum Energy School" for middle school students, and "Platinum Health Nurse School @ Hisayama," during which students learn how nurses have worked with residents in the town of Hisayama, Fukuoka Prefecture, which provides a study sample of residents for immunological research.

Working Groups

Several working groups conduct investigations, discussions and research in specific fields to produce innovations.

Platinum Society Handbook

The handbook describes advanced cases working toward the creation of a Platinum Society and systematically analyzes factors that led to their success so other local governments can apply these methods to their own cases.


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